• Artist-Title-Year
    (1972) Anthony di Bonaventura: SCARLATTI, 23 SONATAS
  • Label Release No.
    Connoisseur Society, CS-2044 [2-LP Stereo], CSQ-2044 [2-LP, Quadrasound]; Advent Corporation, F1014/G1014 [Cassette, Stereo]
  • Notes / Trivia

    In an October 1978 Boston Globe interview with Richard Dyer, Anthony di Bonaventura mentioned this album was recorded in one night and there were no edits.


Alan Silver, producer; Marc Aubort, engineer; Martin Bookspan, liner notes; Christian Steiner, photography; Domenico Scarlatti, composer

Critic reception

"Spectacular – more pleasing than Horowitz's - music of inexhaustible delight and playing of consistent fascination. One is constantly aware that this is a great virtuoso imaginatively deploying every resource of the modern piano". - Boston Globe.


"A varied and fascinating selection from this Italian/Spanish master's vast output. American-born pianist Anthony di Bonaventura convincingly exploits the sonorities of the modern concert grand, and the sonics are A-1. Should have broad appeal but requires ear exposure. Recommended for instore play and audio-department demonstration."

Record World, December 30, 1972


1.Sonata In E-flat Major, L. 17 (K. 371); 2.Sonata In D Major, L. 463 (K. 430); 3.Sonata In D Minor, L. 420 (K. 444); 4.Sonata In E Major, L. 373 (K. 28); 5.Sonata In F Major, L. 433 (K. 446); 6.Sonata In F Major, L. 479 (K. 6); 7.Sonata In D Minor, L. 422 (K. 141); 8.Sonata In D Major, L. 369 (K. 145); 9.Sonata In A Major, L. 41 (K. 268); 10.Sonata In E Minor, L. 380 (K. 203); 11.Sonata In F Major, L. 385 (K. 445); 12.Sonata In D Minor, L. 266 (K. 517); 13.Sonata In G Major, L. 487 (K. 125); 14.Sonata In D Major, L. 109 (K. 436); 15.Sonata In B Minor, L. 33 (K. 87); 16.Sonata In G Major, L. 388 (K. 2); 17.Sonata In D Minor, L. 462 (K. 417); 18.Sonata In G Major, L. 486 (K. 13); 19.Sonata In F Major, L. 384 (K. 17); 20.Sonata In D Minor, L. 370 (K. 10); 21.Sonata In D Minor, L. 413 (K. 9); 22.Sonata In C Major, L. 104 (K. 159); 23.Sonata In A Major, L. 394 (K. 533)

Anthony di Bonaventura, Piano