• Artist-Title-Year
    (1976) Anthony di Bonaventura: DEBUSSY, 12 ÉTUDES-COMPLETE
  • Label Release No.
    CS-2074 [LP Stereo], CSQ-2074 [LP, Quadrasound]
  • Notes / Trivia

    In an October 1978 Boston Globe interview with Richard Dyer, Anthony di Bonaventura remarked this album was recorded in one night, without edits.


Alan Silver, producer; Marc Aubort, engineer; Martin Bookspan, liner notes; Christian Steiner, photography; Claude Debussy, composer; Steinway, piano

Critic reception

"At last, a truly magnificent account of Debussy's last major piano work. Di Bonaventura presents the record industry's first fully satisfactory presentation of the Etudes. His playing is the ultimate in refinement and high art. This is one of the great records of the season." San Francisco Chronicle

"Beautifully played by a master technician...a colorist of real persuasiveness who reveals a wealth of rapt poetry and delightful fantasy...altogether exemplary." High Fidelity. "Anthony di Bonaventura plays the Debussy Etudes with great polish, scintillating technique and intelligent phrasing. His tone is more robust than **** and I prefer di Bonaventura's lush full-bodied approach. This disc is the best piano sound to be heard." The New Records


1. Pour Les "Cinq Doigts, 2.Pour Les Tierces, 3.Pour Les Quartes, 4.Pour Les Sixtes, 5. Pour Les Octaves, 6. Pour Les Huit Doigts, 7.Pour Les Degrés Chromatiques, 8. Pour Les Agréments, 9. Pour Les Répétées, 10. Pour Les Sonorités Opposées, 11. Pour Les Arpèges Composés, 12. Pour Les Accords