• Artist-Title-Year
    (1981) Anthony di Bonaventura: DEBUSSY and RAVEL: LIVE AT JORDAN HALL
  • Label Release No.
    Sine Qua Non 79041, Seven Star Chrome Series 41 [Cassette]

Murray Lefkowitz, liner notes; Claude Debussy, composer; Maurice Ravel, composer

Critic reception

“…di Bonaventura has such command of touch, articulation, color and dynamics that it reveals in nearly every measure structural qualities of the music that we hadn’t realized were there…in all of the Debussy pieces, as well as in the familiar Ravel set that followed, di Bonaventura communicated the full, changeable character of each work with transcendental technique, greatest beauty of sound, full shifting prism of color, and a various art of touch that is, so far as I know, unrivaled in the world today…it was the rarest kind of concert – an important program, without pretension, honestly, completely and therefore magically communicated.” Richard Dyer, The Boston Globe March 19, 1981


DEBUSSY: 1. Images (oubliees) 1894 a) Lent (melancolique et doux) b) Souvenir due Louvre c) Quelques aspects de “Nous n’irons plus du bois” parce qu’l fait un temps insupportable; 2. Ballade (1890); 3 Danse (1890). RAVEL: 4. Miroirs (1904-5) a) Noctuelles b) Oiseaux tristes c) Un barque sr l’Ocean d) Alborada del gracioso e) La vallee des cloches.

Recording info

Recorded live during a recital at Jordan Hall of New England Conservatory of Music, Boston Massachusetts on March 16, 1981.

Anthony di Bonaventura, Piano