• Artist-Title-Year
    (2001) The Original Philadelphia Woodwind Quintet: MUSICAL BANQUET
  • Label Release No.
    Boston Records BR1063 [CD]
  • Availability

    Commercially available from Boston Records

  • Notes / Trivia

    Track 8 (w/di Bonaventura) is a reissue from “Italian Woodwind Music”, 1966


Donald Montanaro, bass clarinet (8); Anthony di Bonaventura, piano (8); Brad Michaels of Clarion Productions, Boston (editing and mastering engineer) Steven Ledbetter, program notes; Helen Vickers of Graphics Plus, booklet and cover design, Wayne Rapier, producer; Franz Joseph Haydn, composer; Giuseppe Maria Cambini, composer; Gioachino Rossini, composer; Amilcare Ponchielli, composer; Vincent Persichetti, composer.

Artist notes

Dedicated to the memory of Sol Schoenbach (1915-1999)


1 Divertimento No. 1 in Bb Major (Haydn); 2-4 Wind Quintet No. 3 in F Major (Cambini); 5-7 Wind Quartet No. 4 in Bb Major for Flute, Clarinet, Horn and Bassoon (Rossini); 8 Quartet in Bb Major with piano (Ponchielli); Pastoral for Winds, Op. 21 (Persichetti); 10 Aubade (De Wailly); 11 Scherzo for Wind Quintet, Op. 48 (Bozza)

Personnel: William Kincaid, flute; John de Lancie, oboe; Anthony Gigliotti, clarinet; Mason Jones, French horn; Sol Schoenbach, bassoon (1,9,10,11); Benarad Garfield, bassoon (2,4,5,6,7,8); Robert Cole, flute (1,9,10,11); Murray Panitz, flute (2,4,5,6,7);