Third Street Music School
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Third Street Music School, New York City
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Di Bonaventura and his siblings attended the Third Street Music School settlement (Anthony for the longest – 10 years) and were awarded full scholarships. It is the longest running community musical school in the United States. “My father [after moving to New York City] didn't know where we were going to get this musical education. My father asked a young man who lived in the building if he knew of a music school. He said, ‘There's one ten or twelve blocks from here.’ He took us there the next morning. We all marched down there, the other three carrying their little violins. I will always remember entering the school. The director was at the top of the stairs as we entered. He saw us coming in, a wonderful old distinguished gentleman with white hair who looked like the director of everything. He understood the situation instantly. Here is a father who thinks he has four geniuses and they all want scholarships, which was actually the case. My father didn't even have a job. The chairman of the string department and various other people came. We each went in and did our stint, and we left that day with five scholarships, one brother getting one for both violin and piano. This was the Third Street Music Settlement, which is still in operation on 11th Street. That was where I got my basic music education, which was very good, stayed there the longest, about ten years, entirely on scholarship. The school had a social service -worker who helped my parents to get settled and steered my father towards a job. It was a remarkable institution.”   Interview in Fanfare Magazine Issue 14:5 (May/June 1991)