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Childhood Home: 349 E 17th St NYC
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Anthony di Bonaventura’s family home in NYC from 6-23 years. “We were nicely situated [in West Virginia] and we didn't want to move, but [my father] felt it a mission to do something about his four talented children. We moved to New York, where my father knew one person, a friend of a relative. He managed to get us a small, dark, miserable, dingy apartment of two or three rooms. I was six when we moved. We went into this place, something we had never seen before, and we said, 'Daddy, let's go home. We don't want to stay here' He said, 'We came to do something and we're going to do it.' This incredibly ingenuous approach to life was protected by God.” excerpt from an interview in Fanfare Magazine Issue 14:5 (May/June 1991)